AVIX Provides Viewer Plug-In components for all supported development environments, allowing monitoring of application behavior.

Plug-ins are available for IAR EWARM and KEIL MDK when using AVIX for Cortex-M3 and for Microchip MPLAB8x when using AVIX for PIC24-dsPIC or AVIX for PIC32MX. These Plug-ins come free with every license and seamlessly integrate in the development environment. These indispensable utilities make AVIX based development as easy as it can get. Each Plug-In component comes with a detailed user guide explaining how to set up and use it. The plug-in components can be downloaded here

Shown below are screen shots of the different plug-ins, showing the status of a number of threads.

RTOS Viewer Plug-In for IAR EWARM (AVIX for Cortex-M3)




RTOS Viewer Plug-In for KEIL MDK (AVIX for Cortex-M3)




RTOS Viewer Plug-In for MPLAB™ (AVIX for PIC24F-dsPIC & AVIX for PIC32MX)



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