Especially in the field of concurrent systems design a lot of ‘knowledge’ is used that  is not really based on a scientific background. This knowledge is expressed in rules like:

  • “We always do it like this”
  • “That are too many threads”
  • “Five microseconds is too long for this operation”
  • “Performance is hurt by this”
  • “This does consume too much memory”

The problem with the above ‘rules’ is that they are used just like they are written down here. No rationale is given, no analyses is done. If there is however one field of expertise which can be very deterministic and exact, it is the field of software engineering.

Below you find papers that present background information on the design of concurrent systems helping to diminish above rules.

Tutorial series



1: Why should I use an RTOS

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This first article describes the advantages of applying an RTOS in your system and its effect on the structure of the overall software. Based on a fictive design case it presents how an RTOS influences maintainability, and related aspects and how an RTOS helps in making your system behave more deterministic and easier to understand and reuse.





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